Selecting a good recorder is not trivial ... will help you. We offer you a big selection - just come over, visit us and select your new instrument (we are close to Frankfurt and Wiesbaden - just 50 Minuten by car). If you like history - we have an exquisite collection of castles and chateaus just around the corner. So visiting us pays twice - both for the eyes and the ears ! And, we offer competitive prices and world wide shipment.

We deliver only high quality recorders with excellent price/result ratio. For this purpose we select each recorder individually at the manufacturers workshop with great care. As a consequence we may be "sold out" for special instruments in special woods (although we usually take as much instruments as we can get). Finally each purchase for us means travelling to places like Gevim/Israel (fortunately the other manufacturers are closer:-). 

Such visits are sometimes not very successful: If we can select 5 from 15 or 20 instruments we are often very lucky. Remember that we only take the best instruments.

We have in stock more than 100 Recorders of all types you can select from - mostly from grenadilla, boxwood (German: Buchsbaum), palisander, olive or ebony (German: Ebenholz) but also instruments made from pear (German: Birne), maple (German: Ahorn) and prune (German: Pflaume). Please have a look into our order page.

We offer you full warranty - which is (dependant from the manufacturer)

Aura Conservatoire, - 2  years,
Coolsma (top model) - 4 years.
Zamir (Il) Ariel and Ariel Solist, - 2 years
Moeck (D) 2 years
Mollenhauer (D) 2 years
Dolmetsch (GB) Dolmetsch Conservatoire - 2 years

We also deliver high quality Dolmetsch plastic recorders. In this special case we don't select the instruments at the workshop :-)