Pay us a visit !

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We are usually open Monday to Friday 10 - 18:00 - but we are prepared to make appointments at other times. Bevor you come, call us !

Our village is Altenkirchen, a suburb of Braunfels, in the triangle Wetzlar/ Frankfurt/ Limburg. Have a look into the detailled map. (in the cottage: opposite of the Kindergarten  (also Volksbank) the Nordstraße ("North street" climbs the hill to the north. Number 5 is the 3rd house on the left.)

public transportation is available by train to Wetzlar and then by bus. Just use the Web and ask for details (they have an english form also !):

In case of problems, give us a call. We can pick you up at one of the railway stations Weilburg (Railway) or  Grävenwiesbach (local train S6 from Frankfurt)